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Here are tips that you are not wrong to choose a laptop that will be used to play the game, and certainly without forcing you to break into a savings account.
1. Do not stick to the memory of the VGAMost users stuck with the amount of VGA memory. This sort of thing to be mischievous loophole for sellers to persuade consumers to buy products flirt with excuses of memory. Yet that is the principal of a VGA chipset.
Keep in mind if the series chipset graphics card on laptop graphics chipset is a mobile version that can not be compared with a dedicated graphics chipset for desktop computers. Such as when you choose a laptop with Nvidia 560M graphics card then performance will not be as good as the desktop version of the GTX 560, although the same chipset.
This difference is more affected due to heat and power consumption are more stringent for the laptop. Also make sure you do not choose a laptop with VGA onboard (such as the Intel GMA) if you want to use it for gaming. This is because the onboard VGA will not be able to run the game smoothly.
2. Choose a laptop that offers ease of upgrade componentsSome laptops provide a choice for some of its components (such as RAM, VGA and hard drives) can be upgraded. As much as possible look for the series to support this need.
If you have more money, you can replace components without having to buy a new laptop. So, do not forget to askthe seller whether the replacement of certain components on the notebook can be done easily or not.
3. Note the size and screen resolutionScreen size and resolution are often closely linked, and this is very important for a game. The higher resolution screen, the heavier demands of a game would be a good graphics chip.
So if your laptop only has the graphics chip is mediocre, then the screen resolution is too high will cause the game runs with a minimum setting and a bit slow.
The screen size itself is also important, given the size of playing on the screen is too small will obviously interfere with the fun game play itself. We suggest that, at least you choose a laptop with a screen measuring 14 inches or 15 inches if you travel often took him, or with a screen measuring 17 inches, if it intends to use it as a desktop replacement and you do not often carry it.
4. Ensure connectivity as neededTo be able to play games comfortably, you will not be able to rely on the touchpad. For that you need a keyboard and mouse gaming quality.
Make sure your laptop has enough USB ports for attaching a mouse, keyboard, gamepad / joystick and laptop cooler, because when used to run heavy applications such as gaming laptop will heat faster.
Consider also whether your laptop has HDMI or at least a VGA connection, so any time you can connect a laptop to a TV or monitor with a larger screen size.
5. The highest specification not necessarily mean the bestDo not stick with the highest series laptop before you buy. It is better to choose a laptop that is lower than the 1-2 series top series, because its performance will not be too far away but with a considerable price difference.

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops


Alienware M18x

$4,520 direct
$3,000.00 at Dell The Alienware M18x looks intimidating and has the performance chops that gamers crave, but it doesn't come cheap.

MSI GT783-625US

$2,599.99 direct
The MSI GT783-625US offers all the trappings of a boutique gaming notebook at a price that doesn't require a second mortgage, but its cooling fans are extraordinarily loud.

Alienware M14x R3
$2,002.99 direct
$1,399.00 at Dell The M14x R3 is the middle child of the Alienware family. It's a great performer on the gaming grid, but its 14-inch frame works against it—the screen size may make you presume it's portable, but its weight is that of a desktop replacement. And with all the high-end components packed in, you might notice a formidable heat buildup.


$1,459.99 list
The Sony VAIO VPC-F236FM is a laptop powerhouse. You can rely on its Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GT 540M to get the job done, whether that "job" may entail gaming or manipulating images in Photoshop.
Asus G74SX-BBK8

$1,299.99 list
The Asus G74SX-BBK8 has the menacing look of a gaming machine, and backs it up with competitive performance numbers. On top of all this, its price won't break the bank, making it a solid choice for new gamers.
Toshiba Satellite P755-S5269

$979.99 list
$949.00 at Microsoft Store The Toshiba Satellite P755-S5269 desktop replacement laptop offers high-end processing and gaming-level graphics without going overboard on price.

Asus N55SF-A1

$1,249.99 list
The Asus N55SF-A1 is one of the best-sounding desktop replacement laptops in the business, thanks to some fine audio tuning and speaker hardware from Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. Its internal parts even outperform most of its peers in speed and gaming tests.

Dell XPS 15z (Microsoft)

$999 direct
$999.99 at Dell The XPS 15z (Microsoft) is available from Microsoft's Store and every bit as luxurious as the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, but it won't cost you nearly as much.

Alienware M17X (Sandy Bridge)

$2,254 direct
$2,099.00 at Dell With outstanding gaming scores and the most wicked design, the Alienware M17X (Sandy Bridge) is the best gaming laptop, period.

Alienware M11xr3

$1,099 direct
$1,199.00 at Dell Need a portable gaming device to keep you sharp while you're on the road? Look no further than the Alienware M11xr3.

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